The Dusk of Hiring Freelancers Era


Hiring freelancers for a project can make sense. You have quick short term or just occasional needs, where hiring staff wouldn’t be worth doing, or you need a developer with knowledge and experience in a new or unusual skill. And there is certainly no shortage of freelancers available. Whatever you are looking for, there will be thousands of profiles to choose from, many of them incredibly talented. Often freelancers will be based in countries with lower living costs, meaning you can potentially produce top quality results which would be beyond your resources if produced in house or in your own country.

But while there are benefits to hiring freelancers there are also potential problems.


* Overwhelmed With Choice

Your first problem is going to be the sheer size of the talent pool available. Once you post looking for a freelance developer, your inbox will be inundated with responses, many automatically generated by bots set up by the developers to scan all new job postings and apply for all that ask for certain requirements. And when you have searched through the responses for the ones that do seem to fit, you are still left unsure who you can rely on. Some candidates will offer astonishingly low rates, but provide poor quality work. Others will assure you they have past experience but have no references for you to check. It can turn what should be a problem solver for your company into a new headache.


* Poor Quality Work

Many developers are able to thrive as freelancers because they have the talent to consistently produce high quality work. Those are the ones who employers hear of through word of mouth, or the freelancers who charge to highest fees and have websites showing their portfolio of previous work for satisfied clients. But if you’re hiring an unknown, and trying to do so and keep costs low, the chances are good you are going to get an end result that doesn’t meet your expectations. Maybe the developer didn’t fully understand what you wanted but didn’t want to ask, or maybe language differences led to misunderstanding. Or maybe they promised you they could do something which they couldn’t deliver on.

* Freelancers Lack Commitment 

Your project is important to you, but to the person working a few days for you at home, it’s just another gig. You wouldn’t expect them to give the passion enthusiasm to your company your own employees would.

There is a simple way though you could get the best of both worlds; having the flexibility freelancers give you for ad hoc developing projects, and at the same low cost, while maintaining the loyalty, commitment and accountability hiring full staff brings. And that’s where we come in. We provide remote resources for companies that need software development or art assets but that don’t wish to hire full time staff in their countries.


Why Use Remote Resources?

We’ve been delivering remote solutions to companies around the world since 2012. We’re based in Ho Chi Minh City, the centre of Vietnam’s thriving technology sector, and home to a vast pool of young, skilled and highly motivated developers. Hiring freelancers can seem daunting to you, but finding talent is what we do best.

We can provide you with the talent you need at the cost hiring costs you would expect from a freelancer based in a developing country. But one with the commitment and dedication a freelancer can’t bring.

We work with you to understand what exactly it is you need, we find the talent we think could do a great job, and then you choose who you want to be working for you. If you need a developer or an artist with a specific skill that we don’t currently have, we can find them. At all times we will give them oversight and you can be in constant communication. It would be as though they were working in your office. They will be accountable to you, and we will be accountable to you.

Vietnamese culture is very socially inclined. The Vietnamese aspire to be a part of a team, a part of a greater whole, and they are incredibly loyal and dedicated to the groups they belong to. When you choose to use a remote resource through us, they will give you the loyalty you would hope you could get from the very best of your own staff. The Vietnamese are a warm, friendly, gregarious people who give their all.

Our staff are dedicated to us, and they are dedicated to their clients. Don’t make your work more complicated by trying to cut corners and hiring a freelancer. Let us take the worry away, and cut your bills.