Space Tales is a real-time strategy game set in a retro-futuristic environment.

Take on the role of a Commander in the Intergalactic Planetary Expansion (I.P.E.) and embark on an exhilarating mission to explore and conquer uncharted planets, pushing the limits of the Human Empire.

Pacify and Expand

Discover the incredible Hub Technology developed by the I.P.E. enabling the colonization of inhospitable planets by human settlers.

Build and connect Hubs to expand your stronghold and facilitate unit production.

Safeguard your hubs at all costs, for their destruction will cause blackouts and halt unit production.

Army Customisation

Probe Skill tree
Space is riddled with foes, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.

The I.P.E will put an arsenal of abilities and upgrades at your disposal to face any danger and customize your units for specific purposes.

Before each mission, you will have to choose to unlock skill branches – choose wisely and adapt.

Monster Hunt

Squid monster
Along with crazed enemies charging toward you, planets are also home to peaceful giants.

Leave them alone or seek them out, and battle them to reveal the rewards they hold.

Finally, you can weaken the beasts. Capture and summon them. They can change the course of the battle in an instant.
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Unravel A Gripping Story

Dive into a rich and immersive storyline, where you embody Xander, the son of a legendary I.P.E. General. Follow in your father’s footsteps and strive to become a recognized leader of the I.P.E. yourself. Travel in space, pacify planets, and prepare them for the arrival of new Human colonies. The I.P.E. has grand plans for you, and failure is not an option!

– Embark on an adventure filled with 16 main missions and numerous optional side missions.

– Encounter a myriad of diverse alien races and discover the wonders of their unique planets.

– Unlock research points to enhance your army and tailor your strategies to your own playstyle!

– Meet intriguing characters who will join your squad, each bringing their own abilities.

Unveil the secrets of the I.P.E., your father, and your true destiny.
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Survival RTS


Prepare for the ultimate test of strategy and survival in Space Tales’ adrenaline-pumping Survival Mode. In this game mode, your skills will be pushed to the limit as you face relentless waves of alien adversaries. But survival isn’t your only goal – it’s also about thriving in the face of danger.

As a member of the Intergalactic Planetary Expansion (IPE), you must demonstrate your ability not only to fend off the alien hordes but also to expand your base strategically. The challenge intensifies with epic side objectives, such as confronting colossal monsters and eliminating alien nests, each demanding cunning tactics and precision.