Outsourcing your Art assets with Saigon Dragon Studios

Photo by Kindel Media

Making a video game is more than just having a fresh idea and the right programming talents. First, you need to be able to visualize your game idea with concept arts, character designs, environments, vehicles, etc… That’s where companies like Saigon Dragon Studios come in. Saigon Dragon specializes in creating assets for game development teams […]

How to Find the Right Art Partner for your Game

Photo by Kindel Media

Finding the right art partner sets the tone for the entire game development process. Getting started with a new studio requires understanding what their skills are and how they operate. There are quite a few things you need to be in sync with before starting to work with a new art studio. Expertise & portfolio […]

Hiring Video Game Artists in Vietnam

Photo by Michael Burrows

The idea of hiring remote talent is almost as old as the internet itself, but it’s only recently become a common practice for both game artists in Vietnam and game developers worldwide. And with good reason! Working remotely allows you to find talented people who live in a country that’s more affordable and less restrictive […]