A glimpse at the gaming industry in Vietnam

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The gaming industry in Vietnam is taking advantage of the big Online Population.

Vietnam is a high-growth mobile region with 68M people using smartphones in 2021 and the average daily time spent on a smartphone is 3.9 hours. More importantly, 57% of the online population are mobile games players. This advantage offers a strategic opportunity for game development companies with a huge smartphone population.

The potential growth of gaming industry in Vietnam is a key driver of success for some Vietnamese game publishers who have made their name known globally such as Amanotes – ranked the number 1 Vietnamese company by downloads, specializing in music games. Others big publishers such as Onesoft, Gamejam or VNG also belong to the list of Top Publisher Awards in 2021.

Vietnam Online Population
Market growth of the gaming industry in Vietnam in terms of revenue and number of game players.

The growth of Vietnam’s Game development hasn’t gone unnoticed. It has been an attractive market for foreign investors who want to extend their original team in other countries to Vietnam or even build a game company here from scratch.

According to Statista, in 2021, the market’s size of video games in Vietnam reached USD 394M, predicted to show an annual growth rate of 7.9% resulting in a projected market volume of USD 673M, and the number of game players is expected to amount to 11.3M users by 2027.

How Human Resources strategy evolves to support the growth of the gaming industry in Vietnam.

The number of workforces for the gaming industry in Vietnam is still limited. The gaming workforce has not met the growth the game development required. Competition in the gaming labor market is expected to continue to rise due to its rapid expansion.

Wages and benefits for some game positions such as Unity games developers, 2D/3D game designers are skyrocketing. The war for talent has gone beyond compensation and benefits. Companies have to pay attention to employees’ engagement, employees’ personal growth, and employer branding.  Some companies struggle to fight against competition as they are seeing themselves in a situation that lacks resources.

In this situation, many gaming companies consider the option to outsource a part of their games creation such 2D/3D design, animation and VFX to outsourcing studios. This strategy helps reduce the workload for key team members, push the project forward, increase the quality of the game and bring the game release date closer to players. More importantly, saving budget on human resources and admin expenses.

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