Our Team

Saigon Dragon Studios is an External Game Development and Art Studio based in HCMC, Vietnam. We specialize in Art Production and Game Development for the Video Game industry. Thanks to our enthusiastic team’s expertise and experience, we are dedicated to ensure your continued success!


Why choose us ? For our Creativity when it comes to Art and Design; for our Transparency and Flexibility when it comes to Project Management; and for our Commitment and Dedication when it comes to your Expectations and Deadlines.

Callum Fergie

Co-founder Director

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor.


Strategic and Visionary business leader with a global view.


International experience in Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America, South America and Australasia.


All time favorite games: Shadow Warrior, Age of Empire, Heretic, Quake, Golden Eye, Duke Nukem 3D.


Co-founder Director

Experienced Executive Producer and Project Manager - Casual and Indie Games, AAA, Mobile and TV.


Lives and breathes video games.


Doesn’t understand why campers are even playing FPS.


All-time favorite games : Starcraft (Protoss who hates Terrans), Golden Eye, Super Smash Bros and almost all Nintendo licenses.


Creative Director

Experienced art gallery manager and graphic designer.


International marketing background in the MMORPG sector.


Obsessed with comic book and illustration - all-time favorite artist : Juan Gimenez (seriously, look it up).


All time favorite games : Starcraft (Terran who hates Protoss), Battlefield (all of them), Mario Kart and Smash Bros.


Operations Manager

9 years' experience in Outsourcing, Offshoring and IT development.


7 years of experience in Operations management, Services, Product & Project management in both IT & Outsourcing


Intensive experience in working with different size of clients, ranging from SME to MNC


All time favorite game : Eleven 8 International


Art Director

7 years in concept and character design, along with music composition for video games.


Expert in illustration and portrait.


Deep passion for the Final Fantasy universe.


Personal real life hero : Nobuo Uematsu.


All time favorite games : Final Fantasy 7,8,9,10.


Finance Manager

10 years' experience in accounting, audit and taxes management.


Extensive experience in the architecture and advertisement industries.


Favorite game : Plants vs Zombie, Carrot Fantasy.


Human Resources

Strong experience in Human Resources management, Payroll and C&B.


Extensive experience in call centers and recruitment companies.


All-time favorite games : The Sims!