Online Cloud Gaming Platforms To Look To Soon


2020 is going to be a pivotal year in the world of online cloud gaming platforms. With hundreds of billions of dollars a year in profit, major companies are investing hundreds of millions of dollars now in developing new games and new platforms. Amazon, Microsoft and Google are all vying to dominate in this new world, hoping to lock players into their ecosystems, each hoping to have the killer games it needs to crush their rivals. Recent events have brought millions of people back to gaming, but this is a movement that was going on before the coronavirus forced everyone to sit home gaming.

While habits are changing because of the lockdown, they are only accelerating trends that were already coming. Gaming worldwide is predicted to generate more than $160 billion in revenue in 2020, dwarfing even the combined totals for the global music industry (expected to be around $19 billion) and the global film industry (around $43 billion). With so much profit to be made, major companies like Amazon were already planning major investments in cloud gaming platforms before the coronavirus outbreak began.


Amazon’s Project Tempo Moves Into Cloud Gaming 

Amazon is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in an online gaming future. It’s starting by launching its first original big budget games; Crucible, an ambitious sci fi shooter, and New World, a “massively multiplayer online” game set in a fantasy 18th Century. It’s also developing a major new online gaming platform code named Project Tempo to draw players into its ecosystem of services.

Google already launched its online gaming platform, Stadia, last year, as has Nvidia with February’s launch of GeForce Now, and Microsoft is working on Project x Cloud, it’s own platform.

As always when new platforms emerge, and there is as much money to be made as there is now, competition is going to be fierce, and as always the winner will probably be the platform that manages to offer players the best content. A scramble is on to get the best games and get them fastest.

It is of course though not all plain sailing for the games industry. The coronavirus is causing uncertainty and delays as in all industries. Companies not set up or experiencing in remote working practices are having to learn how to work in a covid 19 world. But for those companies that can weather this time, and are able to take advantage of the golden opportunities now available in cloud gaming platforms, the future looks very profitable.


How Can You Get In On The Cloud Gaming Platform Boom?

And that’s where we come in, here at Saigon Dragon Studios. Our teams of dedicated developers and 2D and 3D art and animation artists specialize in working with gaming companies to develop video games for various platforms, including mobile gaming and online gaming. Working with our client’s in house lead artists and development teams we provide our clients with the art components they need to bring their vision to reality.

Allowing Saigon Dragon Studio’s to work with you on your upcoming cloud gaming projects brings several advantages. Vietnamese artistic talent is world class, and here at SDS we work with the best talent on offer. We have been providing remote services since 2012, and we are experienced in meeting client’s expectations.


It’s also much more cost effective to use development teams based here in Vietnam. Staffing costs are considerably lower than in western countries and this brings a lot of savings in the development budget. Projects which may have been too expensive to develop using your own in house artists become a possibility, and taking advantage of a window opportunity becomes easier when you can upscale the number of people you have working on a project.

It doesn’t look like our current obsession with cloud gaming platforms is going to change anytime soon. Unfortunately, we could be under the grip of this crisis for months to come, and fears of second waves will probably lead to more preemptive lockdowns this winter. With sports cancelled, cinemas closed, bars restaurants and clubs just doing take out, we could be seeing a new normal, where friends meet up not in a bar to hang out but more and more just using cloud gaming platforms. And if that is the case, then to those who can get games out to the people sat at home, this is will be time of great profit. Don’t let worries about trying to work with your teams from home or the costs of development stop oh from accessing these opportunities. Think big now, plan those games that you have in mind. Get in touch with us at Saigon Dragon Studios, check out our website to see examples of the kind of work we can do. With your ideas, and our artists, you can make your games better, and cheaper, than ever.